Dental cleanings

 It would be ideal if our pets would sit still to have their teeth brushed or pulled when it was necessary. Unfortunately, that is not the case with most animals. Our dental equipment is located in our surgical area giving us the opportunity to anesthetize your animal while receiving thorough dental scaling and polishing and any necessary extractions.  We monitor your pet's ECG,  pulse oximetry, heart rate, blood pressure and temperature while they are undergoing their cleaning to assure your pet's safety. We recommend yearly cleaning to promote oral health and internal organ wellness. 


Our veterinarians perform soft tissue, spay/ neuter and some orthopedic surgeries while our qualified technicians monitor your pet's vitals the whole time.

Radiology/ultrasound services

  • Radiographs
  • Pregnancy checks
  • OFA
  • Barium series
  • Cystocentisis (sterile urine sample)
  • Fine needle aspirate biopsies of internal organs

Lab services

We offer in house laboratory testing as well as send off laboratory testing to fit your pets specific needs.

wellness exam, preventative care

We offer  wellness exam , vaccines, including the rattlesnake vaccine.  Things like vaccines, flea/heartworm prevention, and dental cleanings can help keep your pet from getting sick. Routine exams, and preventive care can help catch health problems in the early stages, which can mean a better outcome for your pet.